Is the advisor in leading the human potential as well as a researcher in the field of cognitive psychology.

Experience gained while working in HR of a big company  introduced her to all the processes and issues of HR, especially with planning of human potential and developing strategies for recruiting and implementing selection procedures. She continued her work in the area of human resources through consulting engagements related to organizational development, management development, trainings and individual counseling.

Her academic experience was gained by working in the Department  of Psychology at the University of Zagreb, as a lecturer and researcher.  Along with completing her graduate degree in psychology she also gained a Doctorate. In the field of cognitive psychology. In addition to this, she has been actively involved in numerous HR seminars and management workshops. She is a licenced user of the Four Rooms of Change and Strength Demployment Inventory theory and tools.

As a consultant, along with her acquired  knowledge and skills, she uses recent scientific findings and recommendations.