It takes time to become a leader. Learning is an important part of that process and therefore Prava Formula creates and implements the Leadership Development Programme which provides its participants with the specific knowledge, skills and competencies directly applicable to the real business environment of the participants. Depending on the needs of the users, the programme combines individual and group work, interactive training sessions, case studies, action learning methods, mentoring and coaching on an individual or team level. 

Various training programmes

Training programmes are adapted to your needs. Before every training clients' and future participants' needs are thoroughly examined. Examination of needs is performed via survey, structured or semi-structured interview and/or focus groups, depending on the type and purpose of the programme.

Education and training sessions are carried out interactively, following the principles of adult learning. Students start learning through specific exercises and experiential learning, participating in practical situations, and build their own experience into their learning.

In our work we use contemporary methods and a series of certified tools.

Some of the educational programmes which we have performed for a number of years in various organizations include: 

Strategic Management

  • setting goals
  • change management
  • strategic planning and strategic thinking
  • planning for success
  • communication strategies

Managing others

  • manager's role and management styles
  • habits of successful managers
  • team management
  • motivating teams and individuals
  • manager as coach
  • performance management
  • delegation
  • communication skills
  • orientation training for managers
  • conflict management
  • mentoring

 Self management

  • decision-making
  • assuming responsibility
  • authorities and powers
  • conducting meetings
  • monitoring effectiveness of decision-making
  • time and stress management
  • communication and presentation skills
  • train the trainer programmes