For an organization to succeed you need to have the right people in the right place, and create and support a climate where exceptional individuals can give their best. 

To customers of Prava Formula we offer consultancy and assistance in the following areas: 

The goal of the human resource development strategy relates to the planning activities which will enable the organization to have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Where do you wish to be in three or five years? A difficult question?

Prava Formula provides a range of activities that allow reflection and creation of strategies based on the latest theories and research in the field of human resource management, providing time for dialogue, exchange of ideas, development of action plans and relevant key performance indicators

The status of employer of choice is difficult to achieve, and easy to lose. Therefore the recruitment process is vital for the success and development of the organization. It includes attracting and selecting employees with required knowledge, skills and values.

Who are you and what do you want to do? What are your beliefs? Answers to these questions direct the employment strategy. Now we know what sort of people we are looking for in the market - those who believe in the same things as you.

Prava formula is a reliable partner in the recruitment process, regardless of whether you only need a quality job posting or assistance in hiring the best candidates based on CVs, testing or carrying out interviews with a small number of candidates

A person is successful provided (s)he is in good shape, balanced and focused. The same goes for organizations.

Organizational design is a process encompassing a series of decisions on the form, entire system and characteristics of the organization.

Prava Formula provides assistance in defining the strategic goals of the organization and implementing the organizational structure and processes that facilitate the achievement of these goals. 

The reward strategy is a strong motivating factor for the employee, and for the employer it provides greater capacity to accomplish goals.

Definition of a clear connection between work results and reward increases the effectiveness of achieving the organization's strategic goals. Developing a quality model of reward and pay is an immeasurably better strategy for both the organization and employees.

Prava Formula knows how to improve the system of evaluation of jobs, create salary system based on internal and external evaluation of jobs and link performance management system with the system of rewards.

The centre for the assessment of personal potentials is a method used for various purposes - for selection of new employees, for promoting employees and for their development.

The development centre for assessment (Development Centre) is used to identify the level of employees' competencies, detecting areas that need improvement and recommending appropriate training.

Prava Formula is a company with experience in their promotion, design and implementation, which uses knowledge of psychology and many years of experience in evaluating employees. 

The 360 Assessment System is a tool to develop employees and managers, the purpose of which is to provide a comprehensive understanding of employees' and managers' strengths, as well as management areas which need to be improved.

Our experience with design and implementation of the 360 Assessment System in various organizations and related to different competencies guarantees success and quality.