What makes the 360 assessment system so useful?

The 360 assessment system gives a complete insight into an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement through their own self-assessment and the assessments of those around them.

The 360 assessment is a grading system that collects feedback and information about the development of an individual’s competences through sources that know and work with them. Usually those sources are colleagues, superiors, inferiors, and clients. The collected feedback and information are used for learning and development purposes.

The feedback collected in this way gives quality information about one’s skills and behaviors. The individual asking for feedback first gives a self-assessment by completing a questionnaire then asks for assessments from 6 to 10 others by giving them the same questionnaire.

After collecting the assessments, the results are presented in a 360 feedback report which shows the differences in the grades given by the individuals colleagues, superiors, inferiors and clients. Those very differences are what gives insight into the areas need to analyze further and to plan further developmental activities.

It is important to conduct the 360 process in a careful and fair manner. It is necessary to plan the communication during and after the assessment process. Those that are asked to give their feedback must be encouraged to be objective and their anonymity must be protected in positive way. The person being assessed must, aside from their report, receive support for setting development goals based on the information the report provides.

How to conduct the 360 assessment system?

Our experience in creating, developing, and using competence models as well as conducting 360 feedback assessments in large and midsized companies is in itself a guarantee of a successful project. We can design you your own new competence model and questionnaire, you can use our competence models, or we can make a questionnaire based on your competence models.

How can we help?

We offer services can be a partial or whole solution, based on your needs.

  • Making the competence model (leadership or key competences) and designing the assessment questionnaire
  • Designing the questionnaire based on an existing competence model
  • Leading the 360 feedback assessment project – implementing online solutions from our partners
  • Education for the team conducting the 360 feedback assessment
  • Conducting individual conversation about the results of the assessment and setting development goals
  • Training the leaders to conduct the individual conversations with a team member about the results they received

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