Works with organizational development and management development through individual counseling, mentoring, training and coaching.

She gained extensive experience in managing people, processes and resources as a Director of Human Resource Management in a national airline company.  She is well acquainted with large organizational systems as well as the challenges that managers are faced with in such systems as she is faced with them herself.

Upon finalizing her undergraduate studies in psychology Mrs. Markovic enrolled into the postgraduate study dealing with organizational psychology.  Today Mrs. Markovic is a guest lecturer for a course in organizational psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She is a professional coach and mentor educated from Oxford Brookes University in accordance with the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).  She is an authorised beneficiary of theory and tools of the Four rooms of change.

She enriched formal education by a series of seminars in the field of human resource management, strategic management as well as project management and change management. Mrs. Markovic developed into a professional and popular trainer and coach who uses scientific theoretical frameworks and achievements and transmits them in a simple and understandable manner keeping in mind above all practical applications.

By using personal and client expertise and practical experience Mrs. Markovic  is capable of  transferring knowledge and skills in everyday conduct.