• Anyone who wants quick, objective expert assessment of their leadership competencies
  • Senior leaders who want to support their line managers in their leadership development
  • Human Resource experts who seek online tool for supporting developmental needs of organization’s management and talent pool

Most people will finish game within 90 minutes. Game requires to be played within single session. Time slots for game scenarios are predefined.

To ensure reliability and validity of your result, game should be played within single session

You will see your report instantly on-screen after you finish the game. More detailed report which includes recommended actions for further development will be automatically sent to your e-mail after you finish the game

Group report is available on request. Contact us for more details.

Zero Gravity Leadership © is designed to bring awareness of further development needs and it is highly recommended to use it only for that purpose.

Results of competency assessment are calculated based on matrix of multiple answers and actions. Thus, trying to guess ‘’the correct’’ response in single scenario will not help player to ‘’win’’ and will consequently provide feedback that is not relevant or insightful. The purpose of this game is not to ‘’pass’’ or get best possible results, but to elevate one’s learning journey. Therefore, players will get most out of this game if they respond in authentic and truthful manner. Like every space adventure, this too requires you to be brave, curious, and open to learn 😊

We are dedicated to constantly improve players’ experience and quality of results; therefore, your feedback is precious! Share your thoughts with us