Analytical instruments and tools

Analytical instruments use an experiential approach to get acquainted with the theoretical model, ourselves, the way we understand ourselves and others, collaboration in a team and organization.

What are the 7 Questions and Introduction to the Four Room Changes?

It is a very practical and useful analytical instrument that uses a pedagogical approach to get acquainted with the theory and model of "Four Rooms of Change". The tool is accessible, understandable, and easily explains the phases and process of change management. Using the experience of the participants (with the protection of privacy), individual phases, emotions and reactions of ourselves and other important individuals, teams and even organizations in the process of change are explained. It can work with small, medium, and large groups (with several hundred people at a time). The workshop with 7 questions and Introduction to the four rooms of change lasts 3 to 4 hours, depending on the goals.

What is the Organizational Barometer?

The organizational barometer is an analytical instrument that helps an individual, a team or the entire management to answer the questions: How are we doing? How do we feel about that? What are we going to do?

Through 40 questions, the barometer measures the way of cooperation, decision-making, conflict resolution and the flow of information in the team. It can be used to work with a single team, multiple teams within the same segment of an organization, or an entire organization. The one-team workshop, which is being worked on with the help of the Organizational Barometer, lasts from one to two days, depending on the desired goals

The organizational barometer enables better preparation, analysis, and processing of data in real time by actively involving all participants. By involving participants in the planning and management of actions, we address what is most important and most urgent. In the implementation, in the workshop of defined activities, all those present participate, which allows greater advantage and engagement of employees.

How do I and my four rooms use tools for personal development?

Me and My Four Rooms is suitable for individual work and serves for reflective learning about the four-room model through personal experience and planning activities to manage the changes that are important to me. It encourages reflective learning as a prerequisite for a complete learning cycle and forms the basis for learning from experience. The application of this tool takes 30 minutes, and the prerequisite for using this tool is to work with the Introduction to the four rooms of change.

What is the Matrix of Questions for?

The question matrix is an analytical tool for thinking about a problem situation through analysis and synthesis.

It can be used individually for type of conversation with oneself, and it can also serve as a guide for discussion in small groups on a given topic. The result of working with the Matrix of Questions is an action plan to improve the desired situation.

The questions are structured in such a way as to encourage the first consideration of what you are satisfied with in the current situation and what prevents you from making the desired change in the current situation. The questions then guide the discussion towards the future desired state and ultimately creating ideas on how to encourage improvement at group, team and organizational levels.

The application of this tool lasts from 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of participants, and the prerequisite for using this tool is to work with the Introduction to the four rooms of change.

What is the Outsider Scale and why is it used?

The scale serves to increase an individual's self-awareness and personal development as well as to promote appreciation and understanding of diversity in others. Through 24 questions of the outsourcing scale, the individual can see his / her dialectic between the need to belong and the need for personal credibility. The scale also measures the current integration capacity of the individual, i.e., the amount and manner of respecting our own need to be different and our own. The tool can be applied in individual and group work depending on the goals of the workshop. The duration of the Outsider Scale depends on the objectives, prior knowledge of the four-room change model and the number of participants, and can range from 3 hours to two days.

How to successfully manage change?

Contact us and together we will find the right formula for change management in your organization because change management is a demanding process.