What is PERMA?

A group of researchers in the field of positive psychology has been studying for many years what is it that allows some people to cope with challenges while others get lost in a crisis? What is it that makes these people more resilient and strong and gives them the ability to easily go through everyday worries or difficult life situations? What are the elements that contribute to our well-being? They coined the acronym PERMA, which reveals which elements in our lives we need to pay special attention to, i.e., what to invest in order to achieve a state of flowering and well-being:

POSITIVE EMOTIONS - positive emotions, frequent experience of comfort, satisfaction, joy, but also nurturing hope, optimism, and gratitude

ENGAGEMENT - engagement or state of full involvement in various life activities (hobby, task at work, free time, etc.)

RELATIONSHIPS - relationships that give us a feeling of being loved, supported, and valued, close relationships in which we care about others and in which we invest our time

MEANING - the meaning of life - how much meaning we see in our own life and the direction in which it develops, how valuable we consider it and how much it is directed towards the goals of "bigger than us"

ACHIEVEMENT - achievement or mastery refers to the belief that we are ready to cope with different tasks and be successful in them

Check to see if you have PERMA!

If you want to check what your PERMA is like, access the link, log in and fill out the questionnaire.