The contemporary way of doing business presents new challenges to call centres in terms of communication and client relationships. Customers can easily access information and are just two mouse-clicks away from opting for the competition instead of you. How to ensure competitiveness in the dynamic market environment, dramatic fluctuations and other specifics of call centres' activities? The answer lies in clear goals and performance measures, motivated and trained employees and competent team leaders. Consultants at Prava Formula have many years of experience of work in the call centre and customer service and can use their experience to find areas for improving efficiency.

In our work we use contemporary methods and a series of certified tools.

Some of the educational programmes which we have performed for a number of years in various organizations include: 

Call Center education:

  • communication skills
  • telephone sales
  • team leader in a call centre
  • initial education for a call centre
  • telephone team management
  • why and how to calm angry customers
  • telephone communication
  • quality assurance
  • importance of feedback
  • motivation in a call centre