We all need inspiration, motivation and support in various aspects of life and our career. Coaching is a creative process that reveals personal and professional potential of the individual and the organization.

Coaching is designed for those who want to develop and build a culture in the organization based on the values ​​of an individual and organization that learns, creates, inspires, motivates and gives a true value to business efficiency.




Through individual coaching we support an individual’s personal and professional growth.

We use the Coaching process to help fulfil set goals, realize activities, and find new opportunities for the growth of the individual, the team and the organization.

How long is the individual coaching?

An individual coaching session is 90 minutes long. The number of sessions depends on the type of set goals and ranges from at least 5 sessions. Most often it’s 10 sessions, one session every two to three weeks, to allow the learned material to be used in real life situations. The Prava formula coaches will set a check point after five sessions to track the progress and realization of the set goals. That is also the time when you talk more about the number of needed sessions until all the set goals are met. Depending on the set goals the coaching can take from 6 to 18 months, most often the whole process lasts about a year.

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What is team coaching?

Team coaching is meant for members of the same team because it approaches the team as a unique whole and is meant for realizing the team goals. The cycle begins with half-structured individual interviews with the participants in which everyone has the chance to speak about the way they view about the current situation and the necessary improvements in the team. Other than the team members the interviews are held with other key personnel in the company that work with the team members or are responsible for synchronizing the team with the rest of the company. The first team meeting consists of presenting the results of the conducted interviews and other potentially conducted analysis methods. It also includes defining the unique team goals for all of the participants of the team coaching. The needs and possibilities of every team member and the team as a whole are also discussed, and goals and measures of successfulness of the coaching are set.

Certified Prava Formula Coaches help the team leader create and keep the added value and involvement every team member brings, as well as cooperation, balancing of the everyday operation obligations and strategic action on a team level. In their work they use the Team Coaching Framework by the authors Grix and Newell.

What is the result of team coaching?

The result is better cooperation, communication, more efficient realization of team goals.

How long is the time between meetings?

The time between meetings is about 1 to 2 months to give the participants enough time to apply what they have learned in their day-to-day. The number of sessions of at least 6.

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What is group coaching?

Group coaching deals with the development of leaders from different organizational segments that work on individual goals but unlike the individual coaching it is all done in a group setting. Every participant sets their own individual goals for the group coaching process. They are often focused on developing leadership competencies, achieving the results of a particular function, the organization as a whole or breaking the silos culture. In group session the participants share the knowledge acquired from activities with each other and the best practices with the coach. The group meetings are tri hours long, one meeting every six to eight weeks.

Every group meeting has one central topic that is being covered and the participants define the activities, for their individual goals, related to the topic of the meeting. The topics of the meetings are discussed in advanced with the client and are mostly related to the model of leadership competencies or the key indicators of a successful organization.

One group is made up of a maximum of 6 participants, therefor a larger number of participants would require working with multiple groups.

What is the maximum number of participants in the group coaching?

The group coaching is held in smaller groups of a maximum of 6 participants. The groups are made up of participants working in different segments of the organization but working in job positions of the same or similar rank.

How long is the group coaching?

The number of sessions is at least 5, most often 8, but the number depends on the goals of the program that are defined by the client before the program begins.

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Peer Coaching

What is peer coaching?

Peer coaching is a process of giving support through the development and coaching process between two colleagues of the same rank. The goals can be the bettering of interpersonal relationships, results, work processes just like any other goal set in individual coaching.

Every member of the pair has their own goals and both members support each other in their joint work by sharing experiences from their goal realization journeys. By sharing their ideas, experiences and by learning together they solve workplace problems and achieve better results and communication.

The number of sessions is at least 3, one every 3 to 4 weeks to give the participants enough time to apply what they have learned in their day-to-day.

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