The Four Rooms of Change is both a theory and a concept that focuses on change and productivity. It is a theory about life, but more specifically, it is a theory concernd with what is happening with you and those surrounding you when you are faced with change, crisis, recovery, stress and similar difficulties.

The Four Rooms of Change help individuals, groups and organizations to better understand and conduct oneself in divergent aspects: Satisfaction - Self-Censorship, Confusion and Inspiration. It motivates and enhances individual and collective responsibility, creating a base line for active and conscious leadership and committed team work.

The Four Rooms of Change help small, large, local and global companies to create consciousness, strength, courage and direction - in routine as well as urgent activities.

The Four Rooms, as it is frequently called, is thought to be one of the most practical and effective theories in the field of psychology, which extends it's usage beyond the business field. With its models, analytical instruments and tools, this concept impacts the change in all companies and organizations in a small time frame with all employees included.


Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change®

This is a practical and effective analytical instrument which uses a pedagogic manner in understanding the theory. It is useful with small, middle sized or large groups - accounting for up to hundreds of individuals. This tool is accessible to everyone and it offers a common ground for something that would be rather difficult to convey. With this instrument, overall understanding is enhanced and diversity is embraced.

Organizational Barometer®

This analytical instrument helps organizations, individuals or management teams answer questions such as: How are our profits? How are we feeling in the relation to this?  What would we want to undertake? A barometer of 40 questions measures the climate of the group or organization in small, middle sized and large structures. In addition, the instrument measures the level of readiness for change and serves as a tool for understanding barriers and making plans for concrete action. It enables preparation, analysis, and processing of data in a real time period and in a way that actively includes all employees. It includes employees in planning and conducting actions so that the most important issues are  addressed immediately and so that everyone is actively involved in the implementation of results. The effects of preparations are the most important and the most vital for the well being of the organizations.

Thousands of companies are now using the Four Rooms in conducting business- in various industries and in all continents.

Real Formula is a certified user of models of Four Rooms of Changes which have so far been used in a large amount of different types of organizations. If you are interested in taking part in this sustained method - contact us!