Zero Gravity Leadership© is innovative digital serious game for leadership competency assessment. Based on 20+ years of experience in assessing leadership potential and framed into an engaging game plot of leading the space mission, Zero Gravity leadership© is simple, reliable, and fun way to assess one's strengths and developmental needs in leading others.

Why use Zero Gravity Leadership ©:

  • SIMPLYCITY. anytime/anywhere access and instantaneous feedback
  • RESULTS. Equally reliable, more objective and more budget-friendly compared to traditional assessment.
  • ENGAGEMENT. Exciting game plot booster motivation and learning impact.
  • INSIGHT. Helping individuals to learn and grow in leadership skills

How can Zero Gravity Leadership © support talent development?

  • Evidence-based talent management
  • Collecting and using digital data in talent management
  • Empowering in-house training programs.
  • Highly accessible and scalable to fit your organization’s needs
  • Increases engagement and motivation of players