What is Lego Serious Play?

Lego Serious Play is facilitative perceiving, thinking, communicating and problem solving meant for teams and individuals. Guided by a certified facilitator the attendees face challenges to which the solutions consist of building models out of LEGOs. Through fun and serious play, intricate situations become clearer and the decision-making process and taking action are made significantly easier.

When do we use Lego Serious Play?

We most often use it to create a shared vision, improving business processes;  releasing the creative potential, finding solutions to common problems, developing leadership skills, change management, team building and in the coaching process.

How long is the Lego Serious Play workshop?

The workshop can be from 3 hours to two days long depending on the number of attendees and the problem situation.

Reach out to your mind and try out Lego serious play. Contact us for a meeting about the workshop!


What do those that have tried the Lego Serious Play workshop have to say?

“The Lego Serious Play workshop has helped us define ways for better cooperation, we talked about things we usually find it hard to talk about in a fun way without difficulties and we managed to define necessary actions for improvement. It was fun and challenges but very minute was worth it. “

Perhaps the best indication for how useful the workshop was is the fact that when we were done, I thought of a few other areas where Lego serious play could help us.

I am not a Lego fan and I thought this would be very difficult for me, but as it turns out what matters is why you are building something not how. I am still in awe of how clearly the models show how we perceive ourselves and others.

I love LEGOs! This was the best day I’ve had at work in a long time. Thank you!