Would you like to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities? Do you have an organized work organization and well-defined job descriptions?

For a man to be called successful he must be in good shape, well balanced, and focused. The same goes for an organization. Our experience so far has shown us that organizational design is a key process for successful process and human resource management. It encompasses a number of decisions related to the shape, the whole system and the characteristics of an organization which we define through the systemization and description of job positions.

What are the benefits of this process for your firm and your employees?

  • Understanding obligations defined by the Labor laws
  • Optimizing organizational structure
  • Understanding job organization in a company
  • Assessment of competencies and experiences during employment
  • Building a good base for evaluating job positions and building a pay system
  • Defining the measures of success/performance
  • Planning career paths
  • Planning development and education
  • Establishing clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and expectations

What does the process encompass?


The purpose is to organize all job positions into organizational wholes and to implement structure defined by clear hierarchical relationships and roles (leadership, operational, administrative, expert job positions) with the goal of:

  • Defined job organization in a company
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Management structure
  • Relationship inside and between organization units
  • the base for process management

It’s a model we use to group types of similar job positions by their role not by their affiliation to the organizational unit. For example, jobs that:

  • Support organization success
  • Ensure and contribute to results
  • Create results

Families/groups serve as tools for:

  • Leaders to manage and develop their people in an easier way and in accordance with the job family
  • Managing talents, planning succession, career development
  • Evaluating job positions, defining pay and rewards
  • Defining needed types and levels of jobs

The main purpose is to clarify responsibility in the whole organization.

The goal is to clearly define the scope, content and complexity of a certain job position on a level that is needed and acceptable to the organization.

Job description contains various relevant information relating to:

  • Basic information (name of position, organization unit, superior and inferior positions etc.)
  • Purpose of the position (the reason why it exists)
  • Key responsibilities and tasks
  • Measures of successfulness
  • Financial and nonfinancial work dimensions (income, budget, number of people, the market etc.)
  • Necessary competences (expert and developmental) and experiences
  • Work conditions

What do we offer?

  • Help in making the organization design
  • Making or revising job position descriptions and catalogues
  • Workshops for making job position descriptions
  • Preparing and training internal resources for the job position systemization and description
  • Making guides for creating job positions descriptions
  • Help in using the job catalogue for building the process of education and growth
  • Defining measures of success for different job positions
  • Help in making labor-legal documents that regulate the systemization of job positions

Are you interested in learning more?

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